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  • A UC3M patent can multiply mobile devices’ uploading speed by tenfold Español

    UC3M / SINC | March 26 2015 10:00

    A patent held by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) makes a jacket able to increase by tenfold the speed at which mobile devices can upload content. This is the MIMO HUB patent, which enables its jacket, in which numerous antennas are camouflaged, to connect to any mobile terminal in order to increase its data transfer speed, reduce its energy consumption and improve its reliability.

  • Boys plagiarise more than girls at school Español

    SINC | March 25 2015 09:30

    Research by the University of the Balearic Islands has analysed the phenomenon of academic plagiarism among secondary school students. The study, published in the journal ‘Comunicar’, confirms that this practice is widespread in secondary education, especially among the boys. Also, those who leave tasks to the last minute are the ones with a greater tendency to copy.

  • The Mediterranean diet is not only healthier, it also pollutes less Español

    SINC | March 24 2015 09:07

    The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are well-known. As well as being healthier, a recent article concludes that the menu traditionally eaten in Spain leaves less of a carbon footprint than that of the US or the United Kingdom. 

  • Habitat loss threatens the world’s felids Español

    SINC | March 23 2015 09:13

    Almost half of the 36 species of felids that live in the wild in the world are at threat, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Yet the lack of studies regarding their main threat, the loss and fragmentation of their habitat, limits the establishment of effective conservation strategies. These are the findings of a study which has only been able to find 162 ...

  • A rehearsal space with musicians 2,700 kilometres apart from each other Español

    SINC | March 18 2015 10:44

    Making concerts possible with musicians separated by vast distances with minimal latency – delay between a musical performance and listening or recording – is the aim of a joint project of the Supercomputing Centre of Galicia and the University of Santiago de Compostela. For this purpose, live demonstration experiments have been conducted with professional musicians using pioneering music techn...

  • The first European sea turtles became extinct due to changing sea levels Español

    SINC | March 16 2015 08:38

    In Jaen in 2009 a team of scientists found the remains of what was, until then, the oldest turtle species in southern Europe at 160 million years old. But by reinterpreting the fossils, a Spanish researcher has proved that it is not a new species, but a group of very diverse turtles in Europe during the Jurassic Period, which disappeared due to changing sea levels.

  • The Andalusian coast has suffered a large tsunami every thousand years Español

    SINC | March 11 2015 09:29

    The great tsunami that devastated Cádiz after the earthquake in Lisbon in 1755 is the most recent, but not the only one. New sedimentary deposits found on Barbate beach in Cádiz show that a major tsunami occurred 4,000 years ago, and adds to another seven that have occurred during the last 7,000 years. This reduces the recurrence of these events on the Andalusian coast to every one th...

  • Sweet nanoparticles target stroke Español

    SINC | March 10 2015 09:25

    Materials resulting from chemical bonding of glucosamine, a type of sugar, with fullerenes, kind of nanoparticles known as buckyballs, might help to reduce cell damage and inflammation occurring after stroke. A team from the Max Planck Institute in Germany has tested this on mice, opening the door to potential new drugs for the cerebrovascular accident.