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  • The risk of developing leishmaniasis multiplies a hundredfold in transplant patients Español

    SINC | November 23 2015 08:50

    Researchers from Spain have analysed the prevalence of leishmaniasis among the population of organ transplant recipients. The findings of this study, published in the journal ‘PLoS Neglected Tropical Disease’, confirm that the risk of developing visceral leishmaniasis ‑the most severe form of the disease which can pose life-threatening complications‑ is more than one hundred times greater in tr...

  • Bird poaching continues to result in victims Español

    SINC | November 17 2015 08:00

    Illegal hunting continues to be a challenge for biodiversity conservation in addition to posing a serious threat to some migratory species. The province of Gipuzkoa in northern Spain, a transit area for birds migrating between Africa and Europe, is an example of just how this illegal activity can severely affect these animals.

  • A 'blood rain' infiltrates villages of Spain Español

    SINC | November 10 2015 09:00

    The rainwater that fell in some of the villages of Zamora (Spain) last autumn brought along a strange traveller: a green microalgae that turns a reddish colour when in a state of stress. Once this microalgae was deposited into fountains and tanks it wasn't long before the water turned red. Researchers from the University of Salamanca have shone light on this 'blood rain' phenomenon, yet they ha...

  • A giant fullerene system inhibits the infection by an artificial ebola virus Español

    UCM | November 09 2015 17:00

    Using an artificial ebola virus model, an european team coordinated by researchers of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid/IMDEA-Nanociencia has proved how a supermolecule – constituted by thirteen fullerenes – has been able of inhibiting the virus infection by blocking a receptor implied in its expansion. The model, tested in vitro, highlights the potential of this biotechnology to eradicate...

  • The great tit bird is less attractive due to exposure to heavy metals Español

    SINC | November 04 2015 10:06

    Heavy metals, the result of contamination, may be toxic for animals to the extent of affecting their reproduction and physiology. This is the case with the great tit, a species of bird whose plumage colour is affected either negatively or positively depending on exposure to certain contaminating substances. Mercury, copper and chrome may cause the male great tit to be less attractive to the fem...

  • Playing football or handball during puberty prevents osteoporosis Español

    SINC | November 02 2015 10:30

    Osteoporosis is a serious health issue that mainly affects postmenopausal women. Now, a Spanish study has confirmed that doing exercise during puberty can improve bone health in adulthood. In this scope, sports such as football, handball and basketball are better than others such as swimming.

  • Meet the first Iberian lynx Español

    Reconstrucción del lince ibérico que habitó la península ibérica hace 1,6 millones de años. / José Antonio Peñas (Sinc)

    SINC | October 28 2015 08:22

    The remains of an Iberian lynx specimen which lived 1.6 million years ago - the oldest ever discovered - were found resting in a cave in Barcelona (Spain). This discovery not only allows us to shed light on the origins of one of the world's most endangered feline species, but it also means that the emergence of this species on the Iberian Peninsula dates back half a million years earlier than w...

  • How to build a system to recreate human behavior Español

    UC3M | October 27 2015 10:00

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is investigating how to build a system that recreates human behavior. This technology could be applied to anticipate behavior in socioeconomic crises, create more human-like robots or develop avatars of artificial intelligence which are almost indistinguishable from those that represent people.

  • Some commercial coffees contain high levels of mycotoxins Español

    SINC | October 26 2015 09:00

    An analysis of one hundred coffees sold in Spain has confirmed the presence of mycotoxins -toxic metabolites produced by fungi. In addition, five of the samples that were tested were found to contain ochratoxin A, the only legislated mycotoxin, in amounts that exceeded maximum permitted levels. While the authors point out that these results are not alarming, they do recommend assessing the...

  • Uncovered: the European roller's route between Africa and Europe Español

    SINC | October 20 2015 10:00

    Its blue and brown-coloured plumage is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of the European roller, a threatened migratory bird. Up until now, little was known about this bird's migration patterns and wintering. For the first time, scientists from nine countries reveal the routes between the southern part of Africa and Europe taken by a considerable part of this species which is currently i...