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  • “The mobile phone allows us to study human behavior on an unprecedented level” Español

    Francisco Javier Alonso / UC3M | April 15 2015 20:15

    Esteban Moro is a tenured associate professor in the Mathematics Department of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). Specializing in viral marketing and social networks, among other areas of interest, he is one of the organizers of NetMob 2015, along with researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium); NetMob is the most impo...

  • Protosuns teeming with prebiotic molecules Español

    SINC | April 15 2015 10:07

    Complex organic molecules such as formamide, from which sugars, amino acids and even nucleic acids essential for life can be made, already appear in the regions where stars similar to our Sun are born. Astrophysicists from Spain and other countries have detected this biomolecule in five protostellar clouds and propose that it forms on tiny dust grains.

  • Neanderthals manipulated the bodies of adults and children shortly after death Español

    SINC | April 13 2015 10:05

    Neanderthals from the French region of Poitou-Charentes cut, beat and fractured the bones of their recently deceased companions, as revealed by the fossil remains of two adults and a child found at the Marillac site. These manipulations have been observed at other Neanderthal sites, but scientists still do not know whether they did this for food or ceremony.

  • Female immigrants in Europe consider more important tradition than education in labor participation Español

    UC3M | April 13 2015 10:00

    The rate of participation in the workforce by European immigrant women is highly influenced by the traditional values that they bring with them from their countries of origin. The impact of gender norms and other traditional values is so strong that it is twice that of education, according to research carried out at la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), within the framework of their Chair...

  • Obese patients improve physically and mentally after bariatric surgery Español

    SINC | April 07 2015 10:07

    Bariatric surgery, or reduction of gastric capacity, is one of the longer lasting options to achieve considerable weight loss in obese people. A Spanish researcher has participated in a study that confirms that the effects of this relatively complex medical surgery are not only physical, but also psychological.

  • Contaminants also a threat to polar bears Español

    SINC | April 06 2015 08:43

    The polar bear (Ursus maritimus), one of the largest carnivorous mammals on Earth, is being made vulnerable by the series of dangers it faces. An international team has established a guide to evaluate the condition of its health and although the polar bear’s biggest threat is climate change, plastic pollution and environmental contaminants in its habitat are starting to affect its endocrine sys...

  • A new crustacean species found in Galicia Español

    SINC | March 31 2015 08:30

    One of reasons why tourists are attracted to Galicia is for its food. More specifically, the town of O Grove (Pontevedra) is well known for its Seafood Festival and the Spider Crab Festival. A group of researchers from the University of Vigo have found a new species of crustacean in the waters of this locality on the Ría de Arousa inlet. The only downside is that it is not edible.

  • Heating can damage the artistic heritage of churches Español

    SINC | March 30 2015 08:52

    The antiquated heating systems in many Spanish churches create abrupt variations in temperature and humidity which can negatively affect the conservation of its artistic heritage, especially in tall ceiling areas. Also, as the heat rises, it takes time for the parishioners below to feel comfortable after the heating systems are turned on. These are the findings of an analysis conducted on a chu...

  • A UC3M patent can multiply mobile devices’ uploading speed by tenfold Español

    UC3M / SINC | March 26 2015 10:00

    A patent held by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) makes a jacket able to increase by tenfold the speed at which mobile devices can upload content. This is the MIMO HUB patent, which enables its jacket, in which numerous antennas are camouflaged, to connect to any mobile terminal in order to increase its data transfer speed, reduce its energy consumption and improve its reliability.

  • Boys plagiarise more than girls at school Español

    SINC | March 25 2015 09:30

    Research by the University of the Balearic Islands has analysed the phenomenon of academic plagiarism among secondary school students. The study, published in the journal ‘Comunicar’, confirms that this practice is widespread in secondary education, especially among the boys. Also, those who leave tasks to the last minute are the ones with a greater tendency to copy.