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  • The voice is key to making sense of the words in our brain Español

    hombre hablando

    SINC | July 10 2019 09:30

    Scientists at the Basque research centre BCBL conclude that the voice is fundamental for mentally presenting the meaning of words in the brain. This finding implies a greater knowledge about how sound waves bring additional information to words.

  • Coral Skeleton Crystals Record Ocean Acidification Español

    Eva Rodríguez Nieto | July 09 2019 09:00

    The acidification of the oceans is recorded in the crystals of the coral skeleton. This is a new tool for studying past environmental changes and combating climate change. Such is the main conclusion of a study led by the Spanish scientist Ismael Coronado Vila, from the Institute of Paleobiology in Warsaw (Poland).

  • “Racists try to present their arguments with science to make their rhetoric work” Español

    Sergio Ferrer | July 06 2019 08:00

    In her new book Superior, science journalist Angela Saini analyses the resurgence of racial science and scientific racism. She fears that this ‘resurrection’ is due to the rise of right-wing extremism and nationalism, and believes that race is first and foremost a matter of power.

  • Santorini volcano, a new terrestrial analogue of Mars Español

    Enrique Sacristán | June 25 2019 08:20

    One of the great attractions of the island of Santorini, in Greece, lies in its spectacular volcanic landscape, which also contains places similar to those of Mars. A team of European and U.S. scientists has discovered it after analysing basaltic rocks collected in one of its coves.

  • “We live in the smartest and the dumbest era” Español

    Núria Jar | May 18 2019 08:00

    This New York scientist and writer, in addition to being an expert in particle physics and cosmology, is also a celebrity. She is, moreover, a pioneer. She was the first woman to hold the chair of Theoretical Physics at Harvard and Princeton Universities and the first full professor of the subject at MIT. Now, she lives with emotion great discoveries such as the detection of gravitational...

  • Strawberry tree honey inhibits cell proliferation in colon cancer lines Español

    SINC | May 16 2019 08:19

    Spanish and Italian researchers have proven that when honey from strawberry trees, a product typical of Mediterranean areas, is added to colon cancer cells grown in the laboratory, cell proliferation is stopped. The authors hope that these promising results and the anti-tumour potential of this food will be confirmed in in vivo models.

  • Acceptance and family support, key factors for living well with advanced cancer Español

    dos mujeres mirando el horizonte

    SINC | May 13 2019 10:27

    A qualitative study of 22 cancer patients shows how acceptance is key to living as well as possible, although it requires time and is a process with ups and downs. Led by the University of Navarre, this research emphasizes the importance of focusing on life rather than on the disease.

  • “I am sceptical of patents, that's why I didn’t protect graphene” Español

    Sergio Ferrer | May 06 2019 08:00

    Back in 2004, Andre Geim and his colleague Konstantin Novoselov isolated graphene. This kicked off the development of a new material that, despite not having unveiled all its potential yet, earned them the Nobel prize in Physics in 2010.

  • Climate change threatens transfer between Tagus-Segura Rivers Español

    Reservoir Los Anguijes, end of water transfer open section Tajo-Segura, beginning Talave tunnel.

    Adeline Marcos | April 25 2019 10:00

    Global warming will cause the Iberian Peninsula to suffer more and more water shortages, with serious economic losses. Less snow, less rain and less flow will endanger the continuation of the transfers from one basin to another. A new study on these effects on the transfer between the Tagus-Segura Rivers foresees that by 2070 it will not be possible to transfer water, if the climatic projection...

  • The sword of a Hispano-Muslim warlord is digitized in 3D Español

    Enrique Sacristán | March 25 2019 09:15

    At age 90, Ali Atar, one of the main military chiefs of King Boabdil of Granada, fought to his death in the Battle of Lucena in 1483. It was there that his magnificent Nasrid sword was taken away from him, and researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a company from Toledo have now modelled it in order to graphically document and present it on the web.