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  • An upper-class woman with higher education: the profile of the homeopathy user in Spain Español

    Verónica Fuentes | September 28 2018 08:05

    A new study identifies the typical pattern of homeopathy consumers in Spain, based on data from the CIS (Centre for Sociological Research) barometer, published last February. The results show that the profile is that of a middle- or upper-class woman of about 46, with higher education and a progressive political ideology.

  • An ultra-thin 'Teflon' for reactivating graphene Español

    SINC | September 17 2018 10:11

    The extraordinary mechanical and electronic properties of graphene endow this material with features suitable for a multitude of potential applications. They can be even more extended by covalent graphene functionalization but graphene presents a challenge: low reactivity. One of the solutions is to manufacture graphene derivatives from fluorographene, which, with new solvents and techniques fo...

  • Whatever happened to graphene? The answer is in San Sebastian Español

    Sergio Ferrer | September 15 2018 08:00

    More than 600 experts from 43 countries have gathered in San Sebastian this week to exchange ideas and share their work on this substance. Their ultimate goal: to take this material out of the laboratory to make the promised revolution a reality. This is the Graphene Week, which this year has received the visit of the ‘father’ of graphene, Andre Geim.

  • Our brain predicts words before they are pronounced Español

    hombre y mujer hablando

    SINC | September 11 2018 09:30

    The brain is not only able to finish the sentences of others. A study by the Basque research centre BCBL has shown for the first time that it can also anticipate an auditory stimulus and determine the phonemes and specific words the speaker is going to pronounce.

  • Why do people migrate within Spain? Español

    SINC | September 06 2018 10:30

    Until now, the possibility of finding work was one of the main reasons why foreigners chose our country. It also happened in the case of Spaniards in transfers between provinces. However, since the crisis we move for other factors such as quality of life or weather conditions, according to a new study. In addition, the reasons vary between foreigners and natives.

  • Ammonia synthesis: the greatest innovation of the 20th century Español

    Enrique Sacristán | August 01 2018 13:28

    In addition to being a well-known cleaning product, ammonia is essential in the manufacture of fertilizers that, equally, are necessary to produce food for livestock and mankind. The chemical process to synthesize this nitrogenous compound has hardly changed in 100 years and is still essential for our society, although scientists do not know how to mitigate its negative consequences on the envi...

  • Tropical nights increase mortality rate in Barcelona Español

    SINC | July 31 2018 09:34

    A statistical analysis of the effects of very hot nights on the death rate in Barcelona’s environment reveals that, during these nocturnal periods, more deaths occur due to natural, respiratory and cardiovascular causes. Although this year would seem to break the trend, the number of ‘tropical’ nights has increased in the Catalan capital over the last few decades.

  • “Until now, the study of consciousness had been seen as mystical or unscientific” Español

    Jesús Méndez | July 19 2018 08:00

    Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the DNA double helix, defined consciousness as the greatest unsolved problem in biology. The first major international conference of the Human Brain Project, held recently in Barcelona, has focused on the challenges and advances in its study. We have spoken with the local organizer of the conference.

  • New names to better describe the colours Español

    SINC | July 02 2018 08:07

    Whenever required to define the colours of an image, one usually falls back on a system of eleven well-known names, such as white, red, green and blue, but a team of Chinese and European scientists propose using an additional 28 terms, such as burgundy, salmon, lavender, plum, tan and olive green These new descriptors offer better results when it comes to classifying images, identifying people...

  • Smartphones used to track migrations caused by climate change Español

    Ana Hernando | June 26 2018 08:01

    Spanish researchers have developed a system that tracks human displacement caused by climate change using the tracks of mobile phones. With this model, which was tested during a severe drought in Colombia in 2014, it was determined that the portion of the population that migrated due to this event was 10% during the six months of the study.