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  • Eating eggs is not linked to high cholesterol in adolescents Español

    huevo frito

    SINC | July 17 2013 10:00

    Although in the late 20th century it was maintained that eating more than two eggs a week could increase cholesterol, in recent years experts have begun to refute this myth. Now, a new study has found that eating more eggs is not associated with higher serum cholesterol in adolescents, regardless of how much physical activity they do.

  • Shorebirds prefer a good body to a large brain Español

    SINC | July 16 2013 10:03

    In many animal species, males and females differ in terms of their brain size. The most common explanation is that these differences stem from sexual selection. But predictions are not always certain. A team of researchers at the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications has discovered that a group of coastal birds, shorebirds, do not choose their mates by brain size but “on thei...

  • Bacteria from Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia conceal bioplastic Español

    SINC | July 09 2013 09:50

    In Bolivia, in the largest continuous salt desert in the world, researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia have found a bacterium that stores large amounts of PHB, a prized polymer. This biodegradable plastic is used by the food and pharmaceutical industries, for example to produce nanospheres to transport antibiotics.

  • Over 70% of children who drowned could not swim and were not using flotation devices Español


    SINC | July 08 2013 09:30

    A recent study analyses cases of drowning attended to in 21 hospitals in Spain during the summers of 2009 and 2010. 60% of the victims were younger than six years old and more than 70% did not know how to swim and were not using flotation devices when they drowned. Furthermore, in eight in every ten cases their carers admitted to having supervised them less attentively.

  • ‘Organic’ milk is poorer in iodine than conventional milk Español

    SINC | July 04 2013 11:22

    Milk from organic farms has a lower concentration of elements like zinc, iodine and selenium than milk produced by conventional farming methods. The discrepancy is due to the absence of mineral substances in the diets of the cows reared. According to researchers, animals on organic farms should have their diets supplemented with natural sources of iodine such as seaweed, because it is a very im...

  • Sulphur from yeast helps to track animal protein pathways Español

    SINC | July 02 2013 10:34

    Researchers from the University of Oviedo have labelled sulphur in brewer’s yeast with a non-radioactive method so that when feeding it to laboratory rats the course taken by the element can be tracked and the amino acids and proteins analysed at the point of incorporation. The technique could be very useful for studying the metabolism of this micro-nutrient in vivo and verifying how sulphur-ba...

  • A plastic female beetle makes males fall into the trap Español

    SINC | July 01 2013 08:48

    US and Spanish researchers have used a polymeric material to replicate the body of the Agrilus planipennis, a beetle that invades woods in North America. The decoy reproduces the texture and iridescent green colour of the females’ shell on a nanometric scale, and does so with such perfection that the males pounce on them as if they were real. In this way they can be caught and populations of th...

  • A mathematical ranking classifies tennis players by assessing their play Español

    SINC | June 27 2013 10:16

    Researchers from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche have used mathematical techniques and the game statistics from the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) to rank tennis players based on assessing their play and thus complement the ATP ranking obtained on the basis of matches won during the competition.

  • The São Miguel scops owl was wiped out by man’s arrival in the Azores Español

    SINC | June 27 2013 08:49

     On São Miguel Island in the Azores, there used to exist a small, nocturnal bird of prey, related to the European scops owl, named Otus frutuosoi, which was very probably driven to extinction with the arrival of the first settlers in the 15th century. An international study, in which Spanish researchers participated, has for the first time identified fossils of this species endemic to...

  • HIV-positive men show high rates of papillomavirus infection at oral, anal and penile sites Español

    SINC | June 25 2013 10:53

    Scientists in Barcelona have found a high presence of papillomavirus infection in oral, anal and penile cavities in HIV-positive men, particularly in the anal cavities of men who have homosexual sex. The researchers recommend routine examination of the three areas in all men, independently of their sexual behaviour.