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  • Segregating children for their disabilities is a violation of human rights Español

    Ignacio Calderón Almendros | June 13 2018 09:07

    The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has published a forceful report on the Spanish educational system, reporting on the unfair and discriminatory treatment of thousands of children. The group of experts claims that the right to an inclusive education is being violated in Spain. We have a moral obligation and the legal imperative to ensure that our schools are designed fo...

  • Bilinguals use inter-language transfer to deal with dyslexia Español

    Bilingual people

    SINC | June 11 2018 09:30

    Dyslexic children learning both a language that is pronounced as written -like Spanish- and a second language in which the same letter can have several sounds -such as English- are less affected by this alteration when reading or writing in the latter language. The authors of the Basque research centre BCBL warn that this is less a cure than a reduction of some of the symptoms.

  • The entrepreneur who will put odour pollution on the map Español

    Ana Hernando | June 05 2018 08:00

    The unpleasant odours generated by factories, livestock farms and landfills are warning signs of serious environmental problems. However, this type of pollution is largely forgotten by legislations. The chemical engineer Rosa Arias has decided to change this and has developed an app with which citizens can register the effluvia of their environment. Also, she is the leader of an European projec...

  • How to achieve a peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans Español

    Adeline Marcos | Uppsala | May 31 2018 08:00

    The persecution of wolves in order to remove them from human settlements has culminated in their near-disappearance in numerous European countries, like Spain and Sweden. Following a recovery of the species, a team of scientists has determined what geographic areas in the Scandinavian country would be most suitable for a redistribution of the specie’s range, in the interests of increasing the s...

  • Wormhole echoes that may revolutionize Astrophysics Español

    SINC | May 29 2018 08:30

    The scientific collaborations LIGO and Virgo have detected gravitational waves from the fusion of two black holes, inaugurating a new era in the study of the cosmos. But what if those ripples of space-time had not produced by black holes, but by other exotic objects? A team of European physicists offer an alternative: wormholes, which can be traversed to appear in another universe.

  • A genetic algorithm predicts the vertical growth of cities Español

    SINC | May 23 2018 08:08

    The increase of skyscrapers in a city resembles the development of some living systems. Spanish researchers have created an evolutionary genetic algorithm that, on the basis of the historical and economic data of an urban area, can predict what its skyline could look like in the coming years. The method has been applied successfully to the thriving Minato Ward, in Tokyo.

  • How to introduce graphene into our bodies without causing rejection Español

    SINC | May 16 2018 10:49

    The many applications of graphene nanomaterials also include those in the field of medicine, from cancer therapies to tissue engineering and gene transfer. The main barrier that tools manufactured with these materials will have to overcome is the reaction of the immune system. Now European researchers have analyzed how our defences act in the presence of graphene oxide, the oxidised form of gra...

  • Why are the elderly increasingly more inclined to live alone? Español

    Eva Rodriguez Nieto | May 15 2018 08:00

    For decades, the elderly in Spain have shown a preference for living at home, either alone or with their partners, instead of sharing a home with relatives of other generations. A study by the University of Granada delves into the reasons for this trend.

  • Levers and zippers in the cell’s 'customs' Español

    SINC | May 14 2018 08:00

    The passage of ions through the cell membrane is controlled by ion channels, which are protein complexes that regulate vital processes, such as the heartbeat, as well as being the target towards which many drugs are directed. Now a study by the University of Wisconsin, led by a Spanish researcher, presents a novel model to explain how the pores of these channels open and close.

  • Continuous consumption of pangasius exposes to dangerous mercury levels Español

    Adeline Marcos | May 02 2018 09:00

    The pangasius, originally from Vietnam, is one of the most consumed fish in the world for its low cost, mild flavor and fillet presentation without skin or thorns. It is especially requested in school canteens and senior centers. But the toxicological evaluation carried out by a team of Spanish scientists now shows that the mercury content in some samples exceeds all limits, so the consumption...