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  • The Teotihuacans exhumed their dead and dignified them with make-up Español

    Calzada de los Muertos  de la ciudad de Teotihuacan. Imagen: Hector García.

    SINC | January 08 2013 11:39

    In collaboration with the National University of Mexico, a team of Spanish researchers has analysed for the first time remains of cosmetics in the graves of prehispanic civilisations on the American continent. In the case of the Teotihuacans, these cosmetics were used as part of the after-death ritual to honour their city’s most important people.

  • Breast milk contains more than 700 bacteria Español

    SINC | January 03 2013 10:17

    Spanish researchers have traced the bacterial microbiota map in breast milk, which is the main source of nourishment for newborns. The study has revealed a larger microbial diversity than originally thought: more than 700 species.

  • An inadequate diet during pregnancy predisposes the baby to diabetes Español

    Cuando las mujeres embarazadas asimilan cantidades adecuadas de energía, sus hijos tienen un peso normal al nacer. Imagen: Cscott2006.

    SINC | December 04 2012 09:52

    Experts already know that pregnant women should not eat for two. A study now insists on the importance of a healthy diet as a way of avoiding increased insulin and glucose levels in the child, both of which are indicators of diabetes and metabolic syndrome risk.

  • Fear of the dentist is passed on to children by their parents Español

    SINC | November 15 2012 09:59

    Fear of visiting the dentist is a frequent problem in paediatric dentistry. A new study confirms the emotional transmission of dentist fear among family members and analyses the different roles that mothers and fathers might play.

  • Men who do exercise produce better quality semen Español

    hombre corriendo

    SINC | October 30 2012 09:35

    A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Cordoba links moderate physical activity in males with better hormone levels and sperm characteristics that favour reproduction compared to sedentary men.

  • Fear of treatment puts stress on women undergoing fertility therapy Español


    SINC | October 02 2012 10:15

    Fertility treatment has a strong emotional impact on women who want to have children. A study of European countries with the highest number of assisted reproduction cycles identifies which aspects of reproduction treatment contribute to psychological stress.