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Shackleton's first expedition finds the magnetic South Pole Español

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SINC 15 January 2014 12:35
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On January 16, 1909, explorers Douglas Mawson and Alistair Mackay David Edworth, led by Ernest Shackleton, were able to locate the south magnetic pole-southernmost point reached to date, during an expedition to Antarctica.

The first of three trips led by the Anglo-Irish to the frozen continent was named Nimrod expedition, known to history as the "Farthest South".

The three years expedition also included the first ascent of Antarctica's Mt. Erebus and the discovery of a passage through the formidable Beardmore Glacier

Shackleton was knighted for his efforts by King Edward VII, but the expedition has to be counted as only a partial success because his stated goal of reaching the geographic South Pole was not achieved.

The expedition came to within 97 nautical miles of the pole -- 88 degrees, 23'S -- before turning back.

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