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  • The scientist and musician that discovered Uranus

    WEARBEARD | 13 November 2013 12:00

    Sir Frederick William Herschel was born on the 15th of November of 1738 in Hanover, Germany. Herschel was a musician and an astronomer that became famous for his discovery of the seventh planet in the solar system: Uranus.Initially he called the new planet the ‘Georgian star' after King George III of England, country in which this scientist developed its career. Curiously enough, Herschel...

  • Three centaurs follow Uranus through the solar system

    Representación artística del asteroide Crantor cerca de Urano. / SINC

    SINC | 17 June 2013 10:00

    Astrophysicists from the Complutense University of Madrid have confirmed that Crantor, a large asteroid with a diameter of 70 km has an orbit similar to that of Uranus and takes the same amount of time to orbit the Sun. Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that this and a further two objects of the group of the Centaurs are co-orbital with Uranus.