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  • The Iberian brown bears do not descend from those fled from the north during the Ice Age

    Eva Rodríguez Nieto | 26 December 2017 08:00

    According to the glacier refuges theory, after the last glaciations the bears of northern Europe sought shelter in the South. Researchers from A Coruña University reject this idea: they have reconstructed the colonization of brown bears in the Iberian Peninsula and have shown that the lineage of the Pleistocene bears was lost.

  • Accelerating rate of temperature rise in the Pyrenees

    Adeline Marcos | 19 June 2017 09:40

    The Iberian Peninsula is undergoing climate change, with temperatures on the rise, and mountain ranges are not exempt from this trend. A team of scientists has analysed regional climate series from the Central Pyrenees for 1910 to 2013 (the most extensive climate records to date for the area), concluding that temperatures have risen at an increasing rate since 1970, particularly in spring and s...