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  • ‘Waves’ of neural activity give new clues about Alzheimer’s

    Laura Chaparro | 05 September 2017 11:00

    While unconscious during deep sleep, millions of neurons’ activity travels across the cerebral cortex. This phenomenon, known as slow waves, is related to the consolidation of memory. The European project called SloW Dyn, led by Spanish scientists, has now revealed anomalies in this activity in mice displaying a decline similar to Alzheimer’s.

  • Recreational fishing in the Mediterranean is more harmful than previously thought

    SINC | 08 January 2015 08:40

    A total of 10% of adults living in developed countries practice recreational fishing, which in the Mediterranean Sea represents around 10% of the total production of fisheries. Despite its importance, this fishing is not as controlled or studied as professional fishing. For the first time, a study examines this activity, whose effects are increasingly more similar to traditional fishing. For th...