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  • Two new crustacean species discovered on Galician seabed

    Eva Rodríguez Nieto | 19 September 2017 08:35

    The fauna of deep seabed tends to be relatively unknown due to the difficulty of collecting samples at great depths. A research team from the A Graña Marine Biology Station in Galicia undertook four oceanographic expeditions in the waters off the northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula that have led to the discovery of several new species that inhabit the abyssal plains. Now they describe two...

  • A new crustacean species found in Galicia

    SINC | 31 March 2015 08:30

    One of reasons why tourists are attracted to Galicia is for its food. More specifically, the town of O Grove (Pontevedra) is well known for its Seafood Festival and the Spider Crab Festival. A group of researchers from the University of Vigo have found a new species of crustacean in the waters of this locality on the Ría de Arousa inlet. The only downside is that it is not edible.

  • New species of crustacean discovered in California


    SINC | 18 November 2013 09:45

    Scientists from the University of Seville and the Museum of Natural History in Canada have described in the journal ‘Zootaxa’ a new species of crustacean on the Californian coast. It is the first ‘micro-shrimp’ of the Liropus genus found in the northeast Pacific.

  • The discovery of a new genus of crustacean and five new species

    SINC | 11 February 2013 10:23

    On recent expeditions to Madagascar and the French Polynesia, two Spanish researchers have discovered five new species of crustacean and a new genus named Triodonthea