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Hospital uses of 'K powder'
Ketamine for treating depression that resists cures
21 April 2018 8:00
Verónica Fuentes

Until now, ketamine has been used as a tranquilizer for horses or a hallucinogenic drug, but for some years scientific literature has given it a therapeutic potential for severe depression despite its risks: addiction and psychosis. In specific cases, experts talk about a 'psychoactive' cure. A new study now confirms the rapid action of this substance in depressive and suicidal states.

October 10th, World Mental Health Day
Cancer and mental illness, a perverse alliance
10 October 2017 9:00
Laura Chaparro

Life with a tumor becomes complicated when the patient suffers a serious psychiatric disorder. In people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression, early detection often fails. And although the cancer is detected, in some cases, the mentally ill refuse to receive treatment. Psychiatrists ask for specific diagnostic and coordination programs to work with oncologists.

The Catalan goalkeeper Víctor Valdés will be out for six to eight months
How does an injury influence footballers’ mood and anxiety?
31 March 2014 10:15

Researchers from the University of Murcia have analysed the impact of injuries on possible changes to the mood of footballers. The study confirms that after suffering an injury, footballers show higher levels of depression and anxiety.

Severe chronic depression is more likely in child sex abuse victims
5 November 2013 9:49

A new study reveals the highest risk variables of chronic depression in the population, such as having suffered previous episodes of depression, delayed treatment, whether it is related to other physical or mental health problems, or having suffered sexual abuse during childhood.