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  • Wormhole echoes that may revolutionize Astrophysics

    SINC | 29 May 2018 08:30

    The scientific collaborations LIGO and Virgo have detected gravitational waves from the fusion of two black holes, inaugurating a new era in the study of the cosmos. But what if those ripples of space-time had not produced by black holes, but by other exotic objects? A team of European physicists offer an alternative: wormholes, which can be traversed to appear in another universe.

  • How to merge two black holes in a simple way

    SINC | 07 September 2016 08:00

    The merger of two black holes, such as the one which produced the gravitational waves discovered by the LIGO Observatory, is considered an extremely complex process that can only be simulated by the world’s most powerful supercomputers. However, two theoretical physicists from the University of Barcelona have demonstrated that what occurs on the space-time boundary of the two merging objects ca...