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  • A material inspired by a sea worm changes according to the environment

    Ana Hernando | 26 April 2017 08:00

    The gelatinous jaw of a sea worm, which becomes hard or flexible depending on the environment around it, has inspired researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop a new material that can be applied to soft robotics. Despite having the texture of a gel, this compound is endowed with great mechanical resistance and consistency, and is able to adapt to changing environments.

  • Luminescent proteins provide colour to ecological and cheap Bio-displays

    SINC | 16 January 2017 09:47

    Mobile phone, computer and TV displays all use very expensive colour filters and other components, which cannot be easily recycled. German and Spanish scientists have designed a new screen, which is cheaper and ecological as it uses a hybrid material. This material’s luminescent proteins can be used in backlighting systems and colour filters made using a 3D printing technique.

  • Crucial role of breast cancer tumour suppressor revealed

    Células tumorales humanas de cáncer de mama teñidas para dos marcadores de invadopodio (cortactina en verde y Tks5 en rojo). Los invadopodia son las estructuras punteadas en el centro de la célula en color amarillo (debido a la presencia de las dos proteínas, cortactina y Tks5, en los invadopodia). / Valenzuela-Iglesias et al.

    SINC | 03 February 2015 09:00

    A new study led by José Javier Bravo-Cordero, Spanish researcher at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, details how cells with low levels of the profilin 1 protein in breast tumours increase their capacity to metastasise and invade other tissues.