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  • “Racists try to present their arguments with science to make their rhetoric work”

    Sergio Ferrer | London | 06 July 2019 08:00

    In her new book Superior, science journalist Angela Saini analyses the resurgence of racial science and scientific racism. She fears that this ‘resurrection’ is due to the rise of right-wing extremism and nationalism, and believes that race is first and foremost a matter of power.

  • Illness does have someone who writes it

    Jesús Méndez | 22 March 2014 09:00

    At the beginning of the year, the novelist Henning Mankell revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Almost immediately he decided that he would write about his illness in a Swedish newspaper.  Mankell is not alone, but one of many writers who have written about their illness. Apart from whatever they might bring to the table, a recent study claims that so-called “expressive writing...