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What is SINC?

The SINC agency (acronym for Servicio de Información y Noticias Científicas) is the scientific news agency of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and was launched in 2008. The agency has a team of journalists and communicators specialized in science, technology and innovation who produce news, reports, interviews and audiovisual materials (videos, photographs, illustrations and infographics).

All contents produced by SINC have a Creative Commons 4.0 licence, which means that they can be copied, distributed, publicly communicated, changed and be used commercially, as long as SINC is quoted as a source.

SINC offers its service to journalists, scientists and citizens to shed light on the latest, most relevant scientific developments, with special emphasis on Spanish studies.

The agency’s production of information enjoys the participation of the research community, who assist with the revision of publications: breaking news, accuracy and veracity best describe our identity.

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) is a public foundation dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation whose mission is to strengthen the link between science and society through actions that promote open and inclusive science, culture and science education.

What type of information does the agency offer?

The information contained within the SINC website is divided into various journalistic genres according to contents: news, reports, interviews, gallery and agenda information (congresses, conferences, workshops, etc.). All photographs, illustrations, editable graphics and videos are provided via the multimedia contents service.

In some cases ‘special’ sections are created to bring together various contents relating to a specific topic. SINC’s weekly newsletter is also sent to those people or centres who request it.

In addition, there is a restricted access area for registered journalists where embargoes are available. Embargoed information makes reference to a scientific article that will be published at a later and that cannot appear in the media until the day or time established by the reference journal. Registered journalists can access all restricted information but institutions can only access those that they have uploaded into the application.

How can I request the weekly SINC Newsletter?

Go to the ‘Subcribe for the SINC newsletter’ section in the agency’s website and give your email address and your name.

Who can register in SINC?

Those journalists and institutions linked to scientific research can register in SINC. To register you must go to the corresponding form that appear when clicking on the REGISTER option in the upper right-hand side of the SINC website.

Registration request criteria are as follows:

For journalists: Dependence on or collaboration with a verifiable media source (press, radio, television or on line media).

For institutions and non-profit technological centres: They must be associated to an organisation or service that generates information of a scientific or technological nature.

As a general rule, private companies cannot register, although the case of public-private consortiums will be assessed.

SINC reserves the right to deny or deactivate the registration of any user if they fail to comply with the service use conditions.

What image and video formats are on offer?

The majority of images (photographs, illustrations and infographics) offered by SINC and its collaborating institutions are in jpg format. But, they can also be found in other formats such as tiff, png or gif. Infographics can be offered in an editable format (eps and psd), which allows them to be adjusted to the type used for each branch of the media.

The videos are preferably presented in flv format although sometimes also in mov or mpeg. In some cases, high definition videos are also available. Journalists can obtained these by calling the SINC team on (0034) 91 425 18 20.

What licence do multimedia contents and information have?

The materials provided by SINC to the press are to be used for informative and dissemination purposes. The author must be contacted for any other types of use.

Information produced by the SINC team has a Creative Commons 4.0 licence.

The remaining contents offered by SINC, for which it does not have ownership, have different licences that should be respected by the user.

The videos and photographs supplied by other information agencies cannot be downloaded but can be shared by copying the code and adding it to the webpage.

What if I have a doubt not covered in the FAQs?

In this case you can ask us questions using the contact form. We will reply as soon as possible.