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  • How to attract female talent to the technology business

    Ana Hernando | 05 February 2018 10:15

    The long working hours and the discriminatory environment of the technology industry scare women away, despite the fact that the EU has an estimated employment growth of 8% until 2025 in the sector. A study by Catalan universities proposes measures to achieve greater equality of opportunities. According to the specialists, a cultural change in companies is necessary, with new rules for time man...

  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship are not synonymous

    SINC | 16 December 2015 09:04

    In recent years it has spread the idea that self-employment is associated with greater entrepreneurial activity. However, a study by the University of Oviedo (Spain) has dismantled this myth and shown that self-employed workers in Spain that eventually become entrepreneurs are very few in number. It also stresses that the effect of self-employment on reducing unemployment is weak, due to the hi...