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  • The Spanish social robot who crossed paths in Kansas with an autistic child

    Ana Hernando | 02 April 2019 08:00

    Aisoy Robotics, a start-up based in Elche (Spain), develops robots capable of recognising the person with whom they interact and simulate emotions. A nurse from the USA, Juan’s mother, confirmed its potential in autism therapies three years ago. Now, the firm is preparing a clinical study to test its efficacy with 50 children.

  • The little android with a sense of touch

    Laura Chaparro | 06 June 2018 07:48

    A typical feature of mammals lies in their ability to experience sensations, something that robots are beginning to imitate. With the help of artificial skins and algorithms, Czech and Italian researchers have managed to make a small humanoid robot aware of human contact and even notice if someone is invading his 'living' space.

  • Developing a robotic therapist for children

    Robot terapeuta / UC3M

    UC3M | 20 April 2015 10:00

    In collaboration with other national institutions, researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) are designing a new therapeutic tool for motor rehabilitation for children. In this project, an interactive social therapist robot, which is totally autonomous, is able to perceive patients’ reactions and determine if they are doing their exercises correctly.