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Confirmed: exercising during pregnancy is good for mother and baby
28 August 2017 9:30

Spanish researchers have clarified doubts over the physical activity recommended during pregnancy. Their work highlights how exercise should be taken not only by healthy, previously active women, but that it is also a good time to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are clear advantages for both the mother and baby.

Los resultados confirman las evidencias previas sobre la relación entre el alcohol y el tumor mamario. De todas las mujeres analizadas, 11.576 fueron diagnosticadas de un cáncer de mama a lo largo de los once años de seguimiento / Fotolia
A new study confirms that alcohol intake increases the risk of breast cancer
19 October 2015 8:38

Saying that the link between alcohol and cancer is dangerous is nothing new. Five Spanish universities and more than 300,000 female volunteers participated in a European investigation that is now confirming that alcohol intake increases the chances of developing breast cancer. This risk quadruples with the intake of each daily glass of wine or beer.

Los virus son uno de los principales agentes tóxicos para las mitocondrias. / Fotolia
They can cause problems in baby development
A large amount of mitochondrial toxic agents cross the placenta barrier
18 February 2015 8:13

Researchers from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (Spain) have reviewed ten years’ worth of scientific studies on mitochondrial toxicity in pregnant women. Exposure to toxic agents such as viruses, certain drugs, pesticides, alcohol and tobacco cause mitochondrial diseases about which very little is known, and which are transmitted from the mother to the foetus.

22.7% of pregnant women suffer intimate partner violence
11 December 2014 10:23

A new study analyses the violent behaviours exhibited towards pregnant women. While 21% of women suffer emotional violence during pregnancy, 3.6% encounter physical or sexual violence. Furthermore, 36.1% of those who reported physical violence claimed that it happened “very often” or “daily”.

Gestational age is not the only factor that influences survival
The viability of premature babies is minimal at 22 weeks’ gestation
17 September 2014 10:23

A new study analyses the survival rates in Spain of newborns with a gestational age under 26 weeks. The results show that survival under 23 weeks is ‘exceptional’, although other factors such as birth weight and sex also have an influence.

54% of pregnant women use insecticides that are harmful to the foetus
19 June 2013 11:00

Pregnancy and infancy are the periods of greatest vulnerability to the use of household insecticides. This if one of the findings of the first study of its kind to be carried out in Spain, which concludes that more than half of expectant mothers routinely use these chemical compounds.

Pregnant woman
Stress during gestation causes a predisposition to the development of pathologies in adulthood
The relationship between prenatal stress and obesity is confirmed in rats
8 April 2013 9:59

Many women maintain the same rhythm during pregnancy almost up to the birth. However, Spanish researchers warn of the relationship between the mother’s stress during this stage with the obesity of the baby in adult life.

woman pregnant
Tobacco and excess weight: two factors linked to asthma in babies
Maternal obesity increases the risk of frequent wheezing in offspring
7 March 2013 10:40

The fact that excess weight during pregnancy has negative consequences is not new information. A new study now concludes that the children of mothers obese before falling pregnant are four times more likely to have frequent wheezing, which is one of the symptoms of asthma, compared to the children of mothers weighing a normal weight.

Pregnant women do not change their diet
An inadequate diet during pregnancy predisposes the baby to diabetes
4 December 2012 9:52

Experts already know that pregnant women should not eat for two. A study now insists on the importance of a healthy diet as a way of avoiding increased insulin and glucose levels in the child, both of which are indicators of diabetes and metabolic syndrome risk.