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  • Megacities at high risk due to climate change

    Eva Rodríguez Nieto | 12 March 2018 09:10

    Several coastal cities of the USA and China are in danger due to sea-level rise that will take place if adaptation measures against climate change are not taken. A study led by the Basque Center for Climate Change on the 120 largest cities in the world warns of the fate that will run large cities such as New Orleans, Canton, Shanghai, Boston and New York.

  • Small rural owl fearlessly colonises the city

    SINC | 16 September 2015 08:41

    Think of the city and images of traffic, pollution, noise and crowds spring to mind. The metropolis doesn’t seem to be the most ideal habitat for any animals other than humans. However, Spanish and Argentinean scientists have demonstrated that some species, such as the burrowing owl, have spent decades closing in on the city from the country without suffering from stress.

  • Birds that sing at dawn wake up earlier in cities

    SINC | 03 September 2013 10:01

    It is not uncommon for birds´ dawn choruses to rouse those living in cities´ residential areas. A study conducted by the University of Seville shows that this phenomenon is mutual. That is to say, some urban birds, like the sparrow and the spotless starling, start singing earlier because they are awoken by anthropogenic noise.