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Journalists Institutions
Eva Rodríguez

Journalist and reporter at SINC specialising in natural and social sciences.

A law to protect those who support victims of violence against women
12 March 2021 10:15
Eva Rodríguez

Last December, the Parliament of Catalonia unanimously approved the incorporation into its legislation of second-order violence against those who give their support to victims of violence against women. A recent study compiles testimonies of victims, and analyses this form of intimidation.

Ciencias Naturales
Biruté Galdikas, primatology pioneer
"Palm oil rests on the bones of orangutans”
14 October 2019 12:05
Eva Rodríguez

When Biruté Galdikas arrived to settle in the jungles of Indonesia almost 50 years ago, there was hardly any information about Borneo, let alone about its loneliest inhabitants: the orangutans. Today she is the world's foremost expert on orangutan behaviour and, at 73, still continues with the on-site study and defence of the conservation of this endangered species.

Coral Skeleton Crystals Record Ocean Acidification
9 July 2019 9:00
Eva Rodríguez

The acidification of the oceans is recorded in the crystals of the coral skeleton. This is a new tool for studying past environmental changes and combating climate change. Such is the main conclusion of a study led by the Spanish scientist Ismael Coronado Vila, from the Institute of Paleobiology in Warsaw (Poland).

Foxes were domesticated by humans in the Bronze Age
12 February 2019 8:00
Eva Rodríguez

In the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, between the third and second millennium BC, a widespread funeral practice consisted in burying humans with animals. Scientists have discovered that both foxes and dogs were domesticated, as their diet was similar to that of their owners.

Killer whales are actually peaceful and sensitive
16 January 2019 8:00
Eva Rodríguez

A team of Spanish researchers has analyzed the character of these mammals of the dolphin family, whose name and fame does not do them justice. According to the conclusions of the study, carried out on 24 specimens in captivity, these cetaceans tend to act with responsibility, kindness, extroversion, care and dominance.

Why are the elderly increasingly more inclined to live alone?
15 May 2018 8:00
Eva Rodríguez

For decades, the elderly in Spain have shown a preference for living at home, either alone or with their partners, instead of sharing a home with relatives of other generations. A study by the University of Granada delves into the reasons for this trend.

Wild boars assault the city through green areas in search of cat food
3 April 2018 8:08
Eva Rodríguez

In Barcelona, the image of wild boar herds in the streets is increasingly common, which is a problem for the species and its coexistence with humans. Researchers from the Autonomous Universities of Barcelona and Aveiro (Portugal) have identified the main factors that lead these animals to the cities: they look for green corridors and dry foods like those of cats.

Megacities at high risk due to climate change
12 March 2018 9:10
Eva Rodríguez

Several coastal cities of the USA and China are in danger due to sea-level rise that will take place if adaptation measures against climate change are not taken. A study led by the Basque Center for Climate Change on the 120 largest cities in the world warns of the fate that will run large cities such as New Orleans, Canton, Shanghai, Boston and New York.

The gender gap in journalism
Men occupy 75% of the positions of maximum responsibility in the Spanish media
2 March 2018 14:44
Eva Rodríguez

The precariousness in the media focuses on women journalists: among the members of the editorial offices with university studies that charge less than 1,000 Euros, 85% are women. In addition, men hold three quarters of the positions of maximum managerial responsibility and two thirds of the positions of decision-making on the contents. An international study with the participation of Spanish researchers shows data on this gender gap.

The Iberian brown bears do not descend from those fled from the north during the Ice Age
26 December 2017 8:00
Eva Rodríguez

According to the glacier refuges theory, after the last glaciations the bears of northern Europe sought shelter in the South. Researchers from A Coruña University reject this idea: they have reconstructed the colonization of brown bears in the Iberian Peninsula and have shown that the lineage of the Pleistocene bears was lost.