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Climate crisis ages fish, amphibians and reptiles
16 September 2020 10:00
Adeline Marcos

Climatic conditions are changing at an unprecedented rate, affecting mainly fish, amphibians and reptiles, ectothermic animals that are unable to generate their own internal heat. With heat waves and rising temperatures, these organisms experience not only increased growth rates and heat stress, but also further ageing.

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Older people are doing increasingly less physical exercise
16 October 2018 8:00

A research led by the University of Jaén reveals that people over 65 are not performing enough physical activity. Experts emphasize the importance of preserving physical performance to prevent the negative consequences of aging.

Europe unveils a technology platform for active aging
3 March 2015 10:10
uc3m / SINC

Researchers at the University Carlos III of Madrid, in collaboration with the Spanish firm Aliad Conocimiento y Servicio, have developed a software platform to help promote active and healthy aging in the context of an European project. The system contains news, forums, videos, social networking, mobile applications and games to promote mental activity and a training program. The offer has already attracted more than 11,000 users and is expected to reach 20,000 at the end of this year

Spanish and Japanese centenarians reveal a genetic key to longevity
7 May 2014 10:07

The genes of 894 men and women over the age of one hundred in Spain and Japan have revealed that the secret to longevity, at least in southern Europe, lies in a variant on chromosome 9p21.3, which had already been associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Suscríbete al boletín semanal

Recibe cada semana los contenidos más relevantes de la actualidad científica.

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