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  • Small rural owl fearlessly colonises the city

    SINC | 16 September 2015 08:41

    Think of the city and images of traffic, pollution, noise and crowds spring to mind. The metropolis doesn’t seem to be the most ideal habitat for any animals other than humans. However, Spanish and Argentinean scientists have demonstrated that some species, such as the burrowing owl, have spent decades closing in on the city from the country without suffering from stress.

  • The relationship between prenatal stress and obesity is confirmed in rats

    Pregnant woman

    SINC | 08 April 2013 09:59

    Many women maintain the same rhythm during pregnancy almost up to the birth. However, Spanish researchers warn of the relationship between the mother’s stress during this stage with the obesity of the baby in adult life.

  • Fear of treatment puts stress on women undergoing fertility therapy


    SINC | 02 October 2012 10:15

    Fertility treatment has a strong emotional impact on women who want to have children. A study of European countries with the highest number of assisted reproduction cycles identifies which aspects of reproduction treatment contribute to psychological stress.